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(CATT) Children's Accelerated Trauma Technique 

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(Suitable for ages 5 upwards, children, young people and adults)

I'm trained to deliver (CATT) Children's  Accelerated Trauma Technique by Trauma-Psychology  UK.

CATT supports Children, Young People and Adults with complex  trauma (C-PTSD) and PTSD to heal from their adverse childhood experiences

This 12 step stage model facilitates the mental and emotional processing of trauma through creative art techniques. 

CATT is an integrative trauma- focused therapy model that fuses CBT with creative arts. Created specifically for children and young people this evidenced based technique can be adapted to each individual. 

CATT follows the principles of care set out by NICE guidance (2018) and WHO guidelines (2013)


Each child and young person is different, the CATT 12 stage protocol enables each session to be adapted to suit the relevant age or developmental stage of the child.

Professional Delivery of CATT

Only licensed Mental Health Professionals are able to train and deliver CATT.

Trauma Memory and Emotional Processing

During CATT treatment, children and young people will be supported to use arts material to communicate their trauma, resreipt their trauma narrative, and process trauma-related feelings such as guilt, shame and anger- all whilst being supported to remain emotionally regulated.

Management Strategies

Children and young people will be equipped throughout the process with emotional regulation strategies for managing periods of any heightened emotional arousal and flashbacks.

End of Treatment Preparation

Children and young people will be gently prepared for the upcoming end of their treatment, smoothing the change and giving them the confidence the need to practise what they've learnt going forwards.  

When we experience trauma it usually results in strong emotions which overwhelm our brain. This overwhelm stops our brain processing normally so it leaves the memory unprocessed. Normally an experience would go through a part of our brain called the hippocampus. This part of the brain processes the experience so it can be filed away as a memory. If this doesn’t happen the experience gets stuck in the nervous system. The stuck memory can get triggered and is experienced as if it is happening in the present, with all the emotions and sensations that go with it. 

The CATT model enables creative storytelling using arts.

This helps to turn their trauma memories into a story depicted through art objects and toys.

Fees and Availability 

Number of sessions

Trauma-focused individual CBT-based interventions are between

6-12 sessions.

(CATT) assessment- £60

(CATT) Face to face sessions- £60 

Further sessions can be added if there is an ongoing need at an extra cost.

I currently have limited availability. 

If you would like to talk to me about my therapy services or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by calling

 07915204031 or contact me on the link below.

I aim to respond within 24/48 hours, however this may be longer over the

weekend and bank holiday period.

All correspondence will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.


I look forward to speaking with you


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