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What is Counselling ?
Counselling is a talking therapy that provides a safe space to explore any issues and difficulties. It is a space to to talk and explore how you are feeling with someone who is impartial and not a family member or friend.
Counselling can help to support and change certain aspects of your life. Its a space to explore and understand your thoughts and feelings more closely. This can help you gain more awareness and a greater understanding to help you find ways to help you cope and move forward with your life. By building more resilience and gaining increased motivation you will be able to manage stressful situations and improve your overall wellbeing.
How many sessions will I need ?
I offer both short term and long term counselling. Together we can discuss the number of sessions that feels right for you.  
We will review our work together throughout at regular intervals. 
What happens in our first session ?
Together we will explore the difficulties you are experiencing or have experienced and explore what you hope to gain from our sessions together. 
What are your fees and how do I pay ?
Session fees are listed in my services page.You can make payment by cash or bank transfer. I request payments are made 48 hours before our Counselling sessions.
How do I end Counselling ?
You can end your Counselling sessions any time you wish.