The IARTT Rewind Therapy Technique (PTSD)

( International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy)


The rewind technique can:


Detraumatise bad memories, stop flashbacks and other PTSD symptoms, cure phobias, banish nightmares and reduce anxiety.

Help the victims of abuse, rape, violence, road traffic accidents, fire, terrorism, natural disasters, genoside and panic attacks, witnessing a traumatic death, heart attacks and other life-threatening experiences (medical).

It is also invaluable for helping people who have suffered

physical abuse, sexual abuse, combat trauma and people with OCD

What is the rewind technique?
The Rewind Technique is a psychological treatment, used in treating psychological trauma.



Trauma and the brain

When we suffer trauma it usually results in strong emotions which overwhelm our brain. This overwhelm stops our brain processing normally so it leaves the memory unprocessed.

Normally an experience would go through a part of our brain called the hippocampus. This part of the brain process the experience so it can be filed away as a memory. If this doesn’t happen the experience gets stuck in the nervous system.

The stuck memory can get triggered and is experienced as if it is happening in the present, with all the emotions and sensations that go with it. This accounts for: flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and nightmares that are a common theme of PTSD.



How does the rewind technique work?
The Rewind Technique helps to reprocess and heal traumatic memories by imitating what the brain does naturally. The technique causes the stuck trauma memory to be transferred from the short term (working memory) into long term memory. The memory can then be remembered without the emotions and sensations along with it.


Length of sessions

Before The Rewind Technique can begin we will work on building resources within yourself, as we need you to be able to emotionally regulate whilst we do the trauma work. These sessions are the normal therapy hour in length, unless you would like to discuss other options.

Frequently The Rewind Technique is only used as part of your overall therapy journey, to help you reach your treatment goals but it can be used as a stand alone treatment. 

A huge benefit of this technique is that it is non-intrusive – there is no need for individuals to go into the specific details of the events that have traumatised them. This helps avoid embedding the trauma further.

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